Dating site

Online dating has become hugely popular in recent years. When you realize how many people have met and how many relationships have been established through online dating, you quickly realize that a dating site is the ideal way to find a partner.

What is Flunner?

Flunner is a social network for people who are looking for new contacts, or a dating site with an open character. It is just how you want to call it yourself. On Flunner you come to like-minded looking for new relationships in their lives. From just friendly to a partner for life! Flunner is completely free. So no payment will be made at any time. Register without obligation, and discover many bachelors in your area today.

Dating via the internet

Many people know the many benefits of the internet when we look for something to buy or sell. For dating, that is much less obvious. Times change and the social networks are rampant. The advantages of online dating are therefore countless.

A new way of online dating

Free dating site Flunner is a completely new way of online dating. No classic dating site with static profile pages and ads like ads. Flunner is an active platform, where you actually get to know people before you want to take further steps.

What does Flunner have to offer?

Extensive profile pages with interactive message boards A personal dashboard A chat box to chat live with the other members and much more ...

Date via internet

More and more, dates are being made via the internet. Approximately 20,000,000 people worldwide visit a dating site once a month. About 1 in 3 of the active bachelors are looking for a date online. And this from all walks of life.

Woman searches man

Finally a dating site that has ears to its members. We strive to be a site where singles feel welcome. We prefer to hear a network of singles rather than dating site. Anyway, Flunner is an open community for people who are looking for new contacts in their lives.

Social network

Flunner is different. Not only because it is a free dating site, also the open nature of this site makes Flunner what it is today. No more forced messages, but an interactive and open platform where you get to know people as they really are. Engage yourself today with this network of sympathetic singles. You will not regret it.

Free chatting

When our dating site was still on the drawing board, one of our most important conditions was the ability to chat. During the design and construction of our site we paid a lot of attention to a nice and extensive chat box.

Free dating site

Flunner is a free dating site. One can send messages with other members at no cost, place a contact ad, search free and unlimited for other singles, watch all members' profiles for free and flirt with other singles.