Chat before you continue

When our dating site was still on the drawing board, one of our most important conditions was the ability to chat. During the design and construction of our site we paid a lot of attention to a nice and extensive chat box. Here you can participate in a general conversation with several people, or if you prefer to chat privately with someone, you can also invite him or her for a private conversation so that nobody can disturb you. Chatting is a very good way to get to know someone better before you make further arrangements. It can also be just the way to get to know someone. Our chat box is often busy with nice people, that is why it is always nice to participate in the group discussion. The conversations are about a wide range of subjects.

Free chat without paying

On our free dating site you can of course also chat for free. To emphasize once again that you can use all the functionalities of this site without paying.

Is it hard?

You click on chat at the bottom. Automatically the chat box opens and on the right you see all the members who are currently present at the chat. Your username will also be found in this list. Now you can choose to follow the group discussion and see what it is about. At the bottom, type a sentence and press enter. You are now actively participating in the chat session! Not that difficult, right? However, you see someone in the list that you already know or want to know. Then double click on his or her name. From now on you can then chat privately with this person. Other members can no longer follow or listen to that conversation.

So do not wait any longer and register quickly and for free on our dating site and within a few moments you can start chatting.