A dating site that is free? Yes it exists!

We believe that a dating site must be completely free. Dating must be fun, exciting and also casual. But how can you enjoy dating if you have to pay an arm and a leg? For this reason we have set up this dating site, which is completely free from start to finish. Never will there be a request to make a payment.

This is the only free dating site in Belgium and is brand new! Be among the first to ensure their place in this new home port.

You can contact members on this dating site, send and receive messages, view or post photos, all without paying. No restrictions or anything is imposed.

We have been working hard on the new site lately. You will now find a forum, a chat box, an extensive search function, profiles with avatars throughout the site, and so much more ...

The only thing we did not make is a payment system. You will not find this on our site. We simply do not want to ask for money from our members. The idea of ​​paid dating sites we find hopelessly out of date and is no longer of this time.

We have long discussed whether we should name the site a dating site or a social network. We have come to the conclusion that we must dare to take both words in the mouth. This site is the perfect mix between the two. A social network for singles looking for new contacts. But also a forum with tips, suggestions, questions and answers about the things that a bachelor keeps busy. Or of course our chat box where free and unforced can be spoken.

Of course you can not participate in a dating site without registration, or without registration. All you have to fill in are username and password. It is that simple.